About Medam

Medam is a leader when it comes to microtrenching in Sweden. We have our head office in Stockholm and innovation center in Fjugesta but are active all over Sweden.

Medam was founded in 2002 as a sales company in technical solutions for road and airfield maintenance technology. Over time Medam has improved in these areas and are now offering the services:

  • Microtrenching
  • Pavement solutions for cracks and joints
  • Diamond grinding and grooving
  • Consulting services and guidance

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also have the following products for sale:

  • Sweflex
  • Neomex
  • Viasol
  • Crafco sealants
  • Crafco machines

Medam’s aim is to utilize our skills, machine development and advisory services to facilitate fiber development in Sweden and Europe.