Diamond microtrenching is a method of using diamond blades to place ducts in roads and sidewalks.
By using diamond blades the impact becomes minimal on the existing asphalt while the by-product is a fine powder.

  • Advancement of 500 meters per day, due to a highly automated process.
  • Constant sawing depth
  • Less cost when it comes to project management
  • Less disturbance when it comes to traffic and emergency vehicles


The process


  • Marking of route
  • Geo radar
  • Guidelines for sawing

Sawing and placement of ducts

  • Trench width  24-36 mm
  • Trenchdepth up to 380 mm
  • Placement of up to 26 ducts
  • Filling of sand and placing of warning tape/band


  • Filling of gravel
  • Packing
  • Cleaning


  • Cleaning and drying of sawn edges
  • Sealing with Sweflex


  • Fine adjustments
  • Documentation
  • Done!